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Stop The Bleed


Add STOP THE BLEED at NO additional cost!

This certification does not expire!

You will be required to stay after your American Red Cross class is dismissed for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The STOP THE BLEED  program was organized following the December 2012 school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown Ct. The American College of Surgeons, formed a group of trauma professionals that developed what is now referred to as the "Hartford Consensus." This Consensus is the program developed  that strives to train individuals to become what we refer to as "Immediate Responders", individuals that are trained to  respond at the scene  and enhance a persons chances of survival following traumatic injuries that involve life threatening bleeding. 

The STOP THE BLEED program is also associated with the United States Department of Defense. 

Most of us consider ourselves to be at low risk for  ever being in an active shooting incident even though we know that these  incidents occur at any given time or place without warning. 

Personally, I am more likely to come upon, or to be a part of, an accident where life threatening bleeding may be involved. These types of events might include hunting, shooting, automobile accidents or when dangerous equipment such as chainsaws, tractors and other heavy equipment are in use. I realize that these situations might also involve those people in my life that make it worth living. I would want to be in a position to provide first aid support as an "immediate responder" while waiting on the arrival of 1st responders.

You can add STOP THE BLEED to any blended learning course we offer. 

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